Stove Servicing

After installation, we are on hand to support with the aftercare of your stove.  Our expert team of experienced technicians can assist with replacement parts, repairs and general maintenance as well offering a routine sweep and service.

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Chimney Sweeping

Over time, chimneys can build up with soot which increases the risk of a chimney fire.  Having your chimney swept is an important service that keeps your fireplace safe and functional. Our chimney sweep can clear the build up and inspect your chimney or liner for any other issues such as cracks or damage.  HETAS recommends to have your chimney swept at least once a year.

Our service engineers are also experienced and confident in servicing and sweeping solid fuel range cookers.

Fireside Accessories

Accessories can turn your fireplace from good to great. We have a range of tools and items that enhance the experience of using a fireplace. These include:

  • Tools & Companion Sets: Tongs, pokers, shovels and brushes. All used to move logs around, tend to the fire and clear up the ash.
  • Baskets and Coal Scuttles: For storing fuel within easy access.
  • Fire starters: Used to help start a fire when logs are difficult to light.
  • Fans: Placed on the top of your stove to help circulate heat
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Stove Parts

Spare parts can save you the cost of buying a new stove and extend the life-span of your appliance. At Welsh Dragon, we can supply a range of different spare parts depending on the brand and model of your stove. These include fire bricks, baffles, fire rope, grates and ash pans. We are able to help you identify the parts you need if you are unsure.

Stove Cleaning Advice

Always remember to shut down your stove and let it cool completely prior to cleaning.  It is a good idea to regularly remove the build-up of ash from your stove and clean the glass to get the most from your stove.  Also check for any potential signs of wear and tear such as fraying rope seals and worn or cracked fire bricks and ensure your stove is regularly swept – at least once a year.

With over 50 years of experience, we expertly cater to a wide range of stoves

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