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Always refer to the stove manufacturers instructions to guide your chimney lining.  It is most common and best practice to use a 5” or 6” flue liner.

This largely depends on what fuel you are burning and how often you have your chimney swept.  There are two grades of solid fuel chimney liner. If you intend on burning anthracite or an anthracite based product such as a briquette then you would need to line your chimney with the higher 904 grade steel flue liner.

Yes, however you would need to discuss this with Building Control at your local council who would then arrange a pre-installation visit and then a follow up visit on completion to sign off the work and grant the HETAS certificate if satisfied. Councils will charge for this service.

A more popular option is to employ a HETAS registered installer to complete the work for you, they can then self-certify their installation and issue the HETAS certificate for you.

If you do not have a chimney in your property there is the option to use a twin wall system instead. Twin wall systems are insulated stainless steel pipes that run vertically from the stove to the outside of your building and act in the same way a chimney would.

We recommend that you have your stove serviced and your flue swept at least once a year.

Always look for the ‘Ready to Burn’ symbol.  All of our wood at Welsh Dragon is sustainably sourced, kiln dried and ready to burn.  If you season your own wood, ensure it has a moisture content of less than 20%    

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