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With 50 years’ experience in the fuel industry, if you’re looking for the best stove fuel, we at Welsh Dragon can provide the best advice for you.  There are a number of options you may wish to consider including kiln dried logs, smokeless coals, briquettes and heat logs.

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Wood Logs and Heat Logs

All of our wood is kiln-dried and ‘Ready to Burn’. Supplied from our own maintained forestry you can rest assured that our wood is carbon neutral, sustainable and renewable.

Heat Logs are an alternative to traditional logs, formed by compressing waste wood into ready to burn hollow blocks, they are super-dried and dense, offering a high heat value, they are carbon neutral and virtually smokeless – made from 100% biomass.

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A Close Up Of Fire And Flames Coming From Smokeless Fuel Buring

Smokeless Fuels

For an intense or prolonged burn, we recommend using smokeless fuels – briquettes or ovoids.  There is a wide range available, effectively different strength blends of solid fuels in various forms.  Our staff are on hand to advise you on what’s the best option for your fire and lifestyle.


Often used as an alternative to traditional stove fuels like wood and coal, briquettes are deemed to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. They produce less smoke than traditional fuels and are made by compressing waste materials such as sawdust and charcoal dust in various quantities.

We are stockists for Firelite and Rekord Lignite Brikettes which are suitable for burning on a wood only stove to help prolong the burn time of natural kiln-dried logs.


Wood burning pellets are small, compressed cylinders made from sawdust, wood shavings, or other wood waste. They are a popular alternative to wood logs because they’re efficient, cleaner to burn and easier to handle. They also produce less ash and smoke than traditional wood logs.

Wood pellets can only be used on wood pellet appliances and cannot be used on regular wood burning stoves.

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