How To Accessorise Your Fireplace

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Your fireplace is a functional space which adds warmth and light to your home. While many will look beautiful with minimal effort, there are plenty of accessories you can include which will add functionality and style to your hearth. Take a look below to discover what the best fireplace accessories are.

Fireplace Screen

A screen works to prevent your fireplace from releasing harmful embers beyond the hearth. Not only does this serve to protect your carpets and flooring, it also reduces the risk of children or pets getting burnt. A screen doesn’t have to be a basic piece. There are many styles, patterns and colours available which mean you can make a statement. Even when you’ve not got the fire lit, your screen can look stylish and inviting.

Plants & Flowers

Many people like to place plants next to their fireplace. A bit of natural greenery can liven up the room and bring some of the outdoors in. If you choose to have a real plant, make sure it’ll be able to survive the heat next to the fire and carry out appropriate care to ensure it looks healthy. Otherwise, a fake plant will be fine – just make sure it’s not too close to the heat.

A Fire Tool Set

Every stove owner will need a few tools. These come in many materials, with wrought iron being very popular. You can go for something classic, or something modern – the choice is yours! Most fire tool sets will come with a poker, brush, tongs and shovel. These will help you with fuelling the fire and maintaining the flames. Never use something on your fire which isn’t fit for purpose. Not only do you risk damaging the item, if it burns it could give off harmful fumes.

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As well as wood burning stoves, we also supply all the accessories and equipment you need to be a safe and stylish stove owner.

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