How To Light A Fire Pit


Fire pits offer a warm and inviting way to enjoy the great outdoors. As the sun sets and the evenings become a little bit chilly, an open fire emanates warmth and light, therefore extending the amount of time you can spend outside. Lighting a fire isn’t always as easy as it sounds, so to help you get it right, we’re going to share our top tips here.

Safe Preparation For Fire Lighting

To light a fire successfully, you should first ensure you’re doing it safely. The fire shouldn’t be too close to any buildings, trees, plants or flammable substances. Consider the area you’re placing the fire pit as well. A wooden deck which isn’t designed to withstand heat is not suitable, neither is an uneven surface.

You should also pay attention to your surroundings. If it’s particularly windy outside, it might be risky to light a fire. As well as that, children and pets need to be well-behaved around the fire and keep a safe distance.

The Layers Of Fire Pit Lighting

Most fire pits can be successfully lit using a standard lighter or fire starter. All you’ll need to do is ensure your fuels are prepped correctly and have as little moisture as possible.

The best way to light a fire is to have several layers of fuel. You start with a tinder, which is usually a thin, dry material like paper or tree bark. Next, you add some kindling, which is small pieces of wood such as twigs or specially-made kindling logs. Much like the tinder, your kindling also needs to be dry to be effective.

Both of these materials work together to help light your firewood. These are usually much larger logs or seasoned, dry wood. Because these logs are so big, they should burn for a longer period of time than your tinder and kindling.

Safely Extinguish Your Fire Pit

Once you’ve finished with your fire, you need to put it out safely. An unattended fire, even if it’s only embers, can be very dangerous. Please don’t leave it to go out on its own without someone present to monitor it.

To fully extinguish your fire pit, we recommend using a hose to douse it with water. You don’t need to drench it completely, a light sprinkle should be enough.

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