How To Season Your Own Firewood

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If you have a wood burning stove, you’re probably keen to try making your own firewood. If you’ve got access to your own trees, you may get pleasure out of chopping up your own wood for the fire. However, there is a process you must follow to ensure the wood burns well and doesn’t damage your stove. This process is called seasoning, and we’re going to explain it in more detail here.

What Is Seasoning?

Seasoning refers to the drying process that turns wood into firewood. Drying the wood is important, as too much moisture leads to a poor burn, less heat and the release of harmful condensates which can lead to chimney fires.

Before The Tree Is Cut

The seasoning process begins before the tree is even cut down. Thought should be given to the time of year you’re cutting the tree, as in winter the wood will have a lower moisture content. Sap rises in the spring, so ideally you want to cut it down before that happens. This will reduce the amount of time that the wood takes to season.

Ensure you have somewhere dry and sheltered to store the tree once it’s cut, as rain will affect the amount of time the wood takes to dry. You still want to ensure it is ventilated, as wind can help with the drying process. A wood or metal log store, or similar structure would be ideal for this.

A Stack Of Seasoned Firewood

Cutting & Storing The Wood

Smaller pieces of wood take less time to dry out and become properly seasoned. Unless you are willing to wait a couple of years, it’s in your best interest to chop it up nice and small. Between 6 and 8 inches of thickness is usually about right, but do make sure that the pieces will fit in your stove before chopping it all up.

To stack the wood, make sure the bark faces upwards and the pieces are in a criss-cross pattern. Ensure enough air can circulate between them and that they’re able to get some sun if possible.

Once the wood reaches 20% moisture, it’s seasoned and ready to burn.

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Of course, seasoning your own firewood is time consuming and labour intensive. If you’d rather take advantage of quality woods which are ready to burn, contact our team today. We supply kiln-dried wood from sustainable sources, which offer excellent fuel efficiency.

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