Why Chimney Sweeping Is Important

Chimney Sweeper On The Roof Of A House In An Attempt Of Chimney Sweeping

Every owner of a fireplace or stove should be scheduling regular chimney sweeping. This is important for a few reason, so we’re going to outline the benefits below.


When dirt and debris build up in the chimney, fumes have a more difficult time escaping. This can lead to poor ignition and smoke being blown back into the room. Soot can also fall back into the fire place.

Reduced Risk Of Fire

Dirty chimneys end up with a layer of creosote building up in the stack. Creosote is a substance released when fuel is burnt, which sticks to the chimney as the smoke cools. It can look like soot or sticky tar, but can also solidify into a thick, hard deposit. Once its become hard, it poses a significant fire risk and must be removed by a professional.

If creosote is left, it can ignite, which can lead to a house fire. It’s very important to remove any build-up in your chimney regularly for this reason alone.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Blocked chimneys prevent harmful fumes from escaping. Therefore, neglecting your regular chimney sweeping could lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

How Often Should You Get Chimney Sweeping?

The frequency we recommend that you get chimney sweeping will depend on the type of fuel you use. As a general rule, every chimney needs a sweep once per year. However, you should seek this service twice per year if you burn bituminous coals.

We would urge you not to ignore this recommendation, as the consequences of ignoring chimney maintenance are severe. Chimney fires are not always easy to spot until it’s too late, and carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly. The safest thing to do is to have a professional sweep your chimney regularly.

Chimney Sweep

For Chimney Sweeping, Choose Welsh Dragon Stoves

As a leading provider of stoves, we know that the correct aftercare is just as important as a quality installation. We offer chimney sweeping services and maintenance packages, to ensure your stove runs safely and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule any of our services at a time that suits you.

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