Why Choose Smokeless Fuels?

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Where there’s fire, there’s usually smoke – but not always! If you want to reduce the amount of harmful emissions released when using your stove, you can choose to use smokeless fuels. Let’s take a closer look at what they are and the benefits they offer.

What Is A Smokeless Fuel?

Usually supplied in the form of briquettes, smokeless fuels are an anthracite-based imitator of coal. They’re designed to be more environmentally friendly than coal, releasing less smoke and carbon dioxide. As well as that, they also burn more efficiently than their traditional counterpart. Smokeless fuels are able to burn for around 40% longer, creating more heat as it does so.

Value For Money

Although these briquettes can be a little more pricey than standard coal, their ability to burn longer means that you get much better value for money. Therefore, you won’t have to refuel your stove as often as you would with coal, leading to longer periods before you need to top-up your fuel supplies.


Because smokeless fuels don’t release harmful emissions, they’re useful for a variety of applications. They’re safe to use when cooking, as well as being useful for heating purposes. You can use the with open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

A Close Up Of Fire And Flames Coming From Smokeless Fuel Buring

Kinder To The Environment

With less smoke and less carbon dioxide being released by these fuels, you’ll be playing a small part in reducing smog and pollution. Although smokeless fuels aren’t completely smoke-free, they do release up to 80% less smoke than coal and 40% less CO2. The smoke that they do release isn’t visible, so it won’t produce an unpleasant haze.

How To Use Smokeless Fuel

Using smokeless fuel is simple. Ideally, you’ll use it on its own, as burning these briquettes with wood significantly reduces its efficiency. This is because wood will always have some sort of moisture in it, and even a small amount moisture will affect how smokeless fuels burn.

For Smokeless Fuels, Choose Welsh Dragon Stoves

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